Eid al-Adha 2019

Eid al-Adha will be on either Sunday 11th or Monday 12th August 2019.

Come and Join us in performing the outdoor Eid Prayer according to the Prophetic teachings

One Day… One Location… One Community

One Eid! at Small Heath Park, Coventry Road, B10 0UU

Arrival: 7.30am; Prayer: 9.30am

Miss It, Miss Out!


Celebrate Eid once again is coming to Small Heath Park…get ready to be amazed!

Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre has been hosting Salat al Eid outdoors since 2012. 2014 saw the birth of Celebrate Eid, a committee of five local Masjids joining together in order to unite the Muslim community in a single congregation to perform the Eid salah and then to launch an Eid celebration for all to enjoy throughout the special day of Eid. The festivities, following on from an amazing prayer, really and truly brought back the concept of a community Eid. 2014 left us surprised by the sheer number of people that attended and the success of the event has increased every event since.

The vision of Eid was beyond our planning; it was only by the grace and favour of Allah (SWT) that such an occasion took place here in Birmingham. Eid in the Park 2015 humbled us as the organisers and thrilled the community. Record numbers attended the prayer. Throughout the day and even after the closure of the activities, thousands of people were soaking up the sun and the atmosphere. Eid in the Park has revived a Sunnah which is focused on celebration and community.

Eid in the Park 2016 was bigger and better and again broke records in terms of the number of people that came and prayed together and enjoyed the activities long into the evening.

Eid in the Park has become an established event which has been circled into calendars for many Muslims who wait in anticipation for the spiritual joy experienced on such a blessed day. This year, Celebrate Eid has joined together again to facilitate Eid Salah and Eid festivities for the entire Community.

With Celebrate Eid 2017 we set the record for largest outdoor prayer in Europe only to go and break our own record in 2018.

We warmly welcome all members of our community, Muslim and non-Muslim, to enjoy the blessings and fun on this auspicious day.

If you would like to give some time towards helping either steward at the prayer of assist with the activities, then please contact: volunteers@greenlanemasjid.org

When is it?

Sunday 11th or Monday 12th August 2019 @ Small Heath Park.

Arrival will be at 7.30am & Prayer will be at 9.30am InshaAllah. Please arrive early, as the prayer will take place at the stated time.

Celebrate Eid has returned to host … Eid in the Park 2019! Let’s perform the outdoor Eid prayer according to prophetic teachings…come and join us on one day, at one location, as one community in Small Heath Park.

As took place at Eid al-Adha 2018 and Eid al-Fitr 2019, the prayer WILL start on time so please be on time or risk missing the prayer.

Event Parking

Public Transport

The Sunnah of our Prophet (ﷺ) was to walk to the Eid prayer. Remember, every step you take towards salah is treated as worship, so if you live in Small Heath then why not carry out this blessed Sunnah?

For those who live further afield, please be mindful that there is limited parking.

Public transport is available:

  • Small Heath Train Station  2 minute walk from Small Heath Park.
  • Buses that run by the park – Numbers 8, 58, 59, 60, 17, 28
  • Taxi and private hire – there are many taxi and private hire services in Birmingham.


If you come by car remember that there is limited parking so please set off early. In previous years the Salah has been delayed because people can’t find parking. So to help you, the Traffic Management Team will be managing the flow of traffic.

One Way Traffic System

A one-way system will be in operation from 7.00am until 11.00am on Waverley Road and Tennyson Road. This means that you can only enter from Waverley onto Tennyson Road and from Tennyson Road onto Coventry Road. Please respect the traffic management operators. We’ll try our best to keep vehicles moving without getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Allocated car parks:

  1. Birmingham City Football Club
  2. Morrisons Car Park (3 hours maximum)
  3. Bia Lounge
  4. Birmingham Hotel
  5. Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre
  6. Masjid Sunnah

All of these car parks are within 1 mile of Small Heath Park.

If it Rains?

For any changes to the prayer due to adverse weather, sign up to our Whatsapp broadcast list (07858 150671) by saving this number and messaging your name & number to it. Alternatively, updates will be posted on this page.

Green Lane Masjid:

7.30am: TBC

8.30am: TBC

9.30am: TBC

Masjid Sunnah: TBC

Masjid Noor: TBC

Masjid Quba: TBC

How you can help…

Would you like to be part of the Eid in the Park 2019 experience?

It’s our Eid so why not pitch in?

We need brothers and sisters to help us run the show in-sha’Allah.  We are looking for the following:-

Site Support – come and experience for yourself how we build the park into a carnival.  Help us put up the banners, the decorations, the stalls, setup up the various stations, and roll out the prayer mats.

Traffic Management – we need to keep the traffic moving so people are not late for Salah!  Show people where the drop off points are and redirect motorists to car parks

Meet and Greet – help steward at the prayer, meet and greet our fellow brothers and sisters as they arrive, be the first to wish them an Eid Mubarak after the khutbah, show them around the park

Information and Help Point – help lost children find their parents, look after our congregation


Experience helpful, but not essential

If you’ve got experience, then brilliant.  If not, don’t let that stop you.  We’ll give you the training that you need to help make this Eid very special.

You don’t need to work one long shift. We will have many teams throughout the day.  Maybe you can only do the morning, or only after Eid Salah, or maybe you’re free in the evening? Whatever help you want to give for the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) – we’re happy to receive it.

Please contact volunteers@greenlanemasjid.org or call: 0121 713 0080

Contact us


0121 713 0080




20 Green Lane

Small Heath


B9 5DB